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Validating counter strike file

Note that for updating your Counter-Strike: GO server, you will need to run the above commands in Steam CMD from open to exit each time you want to update.As the Steam CMD installer has installed Counter-Strike: GO in the Steam user’s location, we will switch back to the csgo user in order to complete the remainder of the setup for Counter-Strike: GO.This means that other players on the same network as you will be able to access the server, but it will be inaccessible to other networks.In order to be able to connect to the Internet and play remotely with other users, you will need to obtain something called a “Game Server Login Token,” or GSLT.As a reminder, you can switch back to the root user at any time by opening a new root user shell or by exiting the current csgo user shell.

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As per the wiki page instructions, you must access the following URL: At the above URL, you will need to login with the Steam account that possesses Counter-Strike: GO. Follow the on-screen instructions, using the App ID 730.

This also applies to the password, which for the case of simplicity we have kept the same as the username.

At this point in the guide, we will switch to the Steam user we just created with the command su.

In order to be able to access Steam as well as complete the rest of the tutorial, you will need to install the following prerequisite libraries and packages using yum, this time with the install command: With the prerequisites installed, now it is time to create a new user on our system to handle all Steam-related content.

Ensure that you are logged in as root or can use sudo, then execute the following two simple commands.


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