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Validating your username with planet auran

A fresh installation means you have reinstalled TRS2006 and not launched it.You will need to backup any custom content including maps you have made or modified before uninstalling TRS2006.Once launch is complete, you will find your Trainz version and build number located at the bottom right hand side of the screen.Note down the build number and select the Quit button to return you to the desktop.You will find a guide on installing Service Pack 1 along with our recommendations on how to apply it below.Following is a list of items addressed by SP1 and the accompanying release notes.

If you start Trainzmap from within Trainz, you need only alt tab to switch back to Trainz.To save individual items of custom content: You will need to save all your custom content prior to re-installing TRS2006.To do this, Open CMP and select the asset or assets you wish to save.-The validation template for error reporting has been updated to support more tags. -Added CMP view description/thumbnail on DLS content.-Added Autosave feature to Surveyor - configurable in CMP.Download Service Pack 1 for Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006 Build 2761 from the Service Packs page of the TRS2006 Website at Service Packs Service Pack 1 is available to download right now and will be available on CD from the online store in the coming weeks for the cost of postage and handling. All pre-orders will be charged to your credit card or Pay Pal account at the time you place your pre-order.You will need to install Service Pack 1 on a fresh installation of TRS2006."View mesh technical details" will not return any useful information on aliased items or items which do not reference a mesh.Exiting from CMP while downloading an asset from the Download Station, then attempting to launch CMP and continue to downlowd will result in the message, "Server Full." This is due to the fact that your original FTP session is still active and you will need to wait for it to time out, approx. Driver: To disable the rail joint (clickety clack) sound add the following to -disablerailjointsound Trainzmap: If a route is opened for editing in Surveyor after having been sent to Trainz Map, the two programs are using *two different copies* of the route and no change on one side will be effected on the other."View Config" and "View mesh technical details" are dependant on permissions set in the content.For this reason there will be occasions when no useful data is returned.


  1. Trainz is a series of 3D train simulator video games, starting in 2001, developed by Auran; since 2007 N3V Games took over development. Contents. hide. 1 Overview. 1.1 Surveyor; 1.2 Driver; 1.3 User interfaces; 1.4 AI drivers; 1.5 Railyard; 1.6 Scenarios; 1.7 PaintShed; 1.8 Content manager; 1.9 DRM. 2 Games. 2.1 Trainz.

  2. The validation template for error reporting has been updated to support more tags. -Improved. Launch Windows Explorer, and navigate to the folder containing TRS 2006, usually C\Program Files\Auran\TRS2006 by default. Your Username nickname and Password are those you selected for your Planet Auran profile.

  3. This error is telling you that one of the assets you reference from your asset has an invalid UserID. This is the result of a 3rd party creator making up a UserID on their own, rather than using the one PlanetAuran generated for them when they created their account. As assets with invalid IDs cannot be.

  4. In trainz-builds after TC1&2 v2.7, the username also becomes the operating system folder name when the asset is edited, and asset-filename is ignored, whereas it took. Auran reserves the right to add validation for specific entries in the Extensions container at a later date, based on the extension-creator's guidelines.

  5. NOTE You should receive the email within 10-20minutes, however, some ISPs may take longer. If you are prompted to enter in an activation number, it can be found in the email sent to you. Now you are a Planet Auran citizen. To check your username and password log in.

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