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Many rituals that center around the bathing (abhishekam) of an idol of Palani Andavar with many substances, including panchaamirtam consisting of five fruits and honey, were developed by him and continue to be followed to this day.The idol had to be created from a substance that would last throughout Kali Yuga.At the end of his mission to China, about 400 BC, Bhoganāthar, with his disciple Yu (whom he also gave the Indian name Pulipani) and other close disciples, left China by the land route.As recorded in the Taoist literature, at the request of the gatekeeper at the Han Ku mountain pass Lao-Tzu crystallized his teachings.The most resilient of known substances, granite, was known to wear and crack after thousands of such rituals.

Glory to the holy feet of Uma (the Divine Mother of the Universe. But the ascent of a Dragon on the wind into heaven is something which is beyond my knowledge.

Shakti), Will instruct you in the knowledge of the sciences, ranging from hypnotism to alchemy (kaya kalpa). Today I have met Lao-Tzu, who is perhaps like a Dragon.

Without the need for pills or tablets, the great scientific art of pranayama breathing, will be taught and recognized By millions of common people and chaste young women. Among the Chinese, particularly, the Taoists, the Dragon is the symbol of Kundalini Shakti, the primordial force.

He attained the immortal state of swarūpa samādhi at the ago of 315, and then made China the center of his teaching activities.

Meanwhile, Bhoganāthar practiced Kundalini Yoga in four stages.


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