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White boy dating black girl

Fortunately for me I could do all of that around both groups.

The first guy I ever had a crush on was in elementary school, his name was Raleigh, he was white, and we became really great friends – looking back he probably never felt the same way as me because I was twice his size in all aspects – but in my mind I just wasn’t his “type” (yes 3rd graders understand the concept of crushes).

I was looking to get away from the city, so I accepted, of course, booking my own hotel room, and arriving days late on my own schedule.

We spent the following days hanging out, walking the beach, but still keeping things platonic.

In middle school, I had tons of white guy friends but none ever showed any interest like the black guys, so 8th grade was the kick-starter to dating black guys.

Everyone always assumes that I would only date one type of a guy: black athlete, but you’re WRONG.

My white friends would say I wasn’t black and my black friends would say I acted white – still confused about this one.

” After watching the sunset together, he invited me to meet up with them to salsa that evening.

Imagine all of the other fish in the sea there are if you could approach us in the grocery store on a Tuesday instead of hammered at the bar on a Saturday night.

All I’m saying is, it’s 2015 and not only is combining races in a relationship not a big deal anymore, it’s also a hashtag so that means it’s totally fine (#teamswirl).

So in a total of 8 years of being dateable, two guys tried…sober.

That’s when I came to the realization that it wasn’t me not being their type. But catch a white guy out on a normal day – swerved.


  1. Aug 31, 2017. white boy falls in love when he sees black girl in the bus. Statistically black women and white men last together the longest than any other race.. Black women are queens.only are they the most beautiful but they are trend setters too.almost everything has been copied from them and they're the.

  2. Oct 8, 2014. Race traitor accusations for her, fun! At the movies, when you kiss your girlfriend before going to get popcorn, an old black woman will whisper into her ear that she is a “disappointment to her race” for choosing a white man over a black man. You'll console her when similar, shitty moments like this happen.

  3. Jul 19, 2017. Even though I haven't been dating inter-racially for very long, I've noticed stereotypes surrounding white girls and black guys; I'm attempting to dispel them.

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