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While the ancient Chinese were considered sedentary with fixed places like the cities and castles, the Xi-rong & Rong-di barbarians remained nomadic, constantly on the move.

In both Shenxi (Shaanxi) and Shanxi Province, records had shown that the Xi-rong & Rong-di barbarians and the ancient Chinese co-dwelled in an interspersing way.

Both Lord Yao and Lord Shun used 'Qi4' as the master of agriculture, with Lord Shun assigning him the fief of Tai, i.e., the You-tai-shi land where his mother Jiang Yuan was from and naming him by the agricultural title 'Hou-ji', one of the three agricultural titles as carried in ZHOU YU of GUO YU.

The name 'Hou-ji' then became a standard title as the "agriculture minister".

The footprints of a 'giant', when mapping the Di1-Qiangic legends about Fu Jian's mother dreaming about a big bear before pregnancy, could be an ancient euphemistic way of hinting at the footprints of a brown bear, i.e., the equivalent Big Foot story among the North American Indians.

Hou-ji's mother was named Jiang Yuan, a You-tai-shi woman, carrying the Fiery Lord tribal name.

Cao Pi, emperor of the Wei Dynasty of the Three Kingdoms time period, in eulogizing minister Du Ji, likened Hou-ji's dying in the mountains while working as Lord Shun/Lord Yu's agricultural minister to Shang ancestor Marquis Ming's dying in the waters of the Yellow River as the irrigation minister for the Xia dynasty.

Hou-ji was buried in the land of the Sichuan-Gansu border per SHAN HAN JING, i.e., a place to the west of the later-known Di[1]-guo state. Per DA-HUANG XI-JING of SHAN HAI JING [The Legends of Mountains and Seas], Hou-ji was buried in the land of today's Sichuan basin after death, somewhere to the west of the Di-qiang barbarians (i.e., 'Di-guo xi') or called by "du-guang-zhi-ye" [spacious fields] by the Black Water, which in an alternative perspective shed light on the nature of the Sinitic people as from the west of China versus the prehistoric Jiang-surnamed people and the Nine Yi people to the east.

In YAO DIAN of SHANG SHU, Lord Yao was said to have conferred Hou-ji the last name of 'Ji1', i.e., the Yellow Lord's character 'ji1', meaning origin in one way of interpretation.

Confucius purportedly had commented on the story of the You-ji[1]-shi clan.


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