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I found a very good second hand Wilde ( later Leica) with stand for the price of a new Chinese model.

I was lucky that the microscope I found had almost suitable magnifications for engraving, and I found an add on lens that made it perfect for my work.

Clicking on any photo will show you the full 1200 or 1600 width version if your screen resolution allows it – they are very much clearer.

It’s supposed to be delivered tomorrow, but I’m loosing hope…………………

Guns, even antiques, can be dangerous and if you don’t know what you are doing get expert help.

Many antique guns are of historic and/or financial value, and its your responsibility to find out if what you want to do will damage their value.

As explained elsewhere, with simple optics there is a direct relationship between magnification and working distance – the higher the magnification the shorter the working distance.

A magnification of 3.5 is about right to give you enough room to engrave without sticking the graver in your nose.


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