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Who is nick faldo dating

Later as multiple title-winning young men, their lucrative talent was pounced on by management companies and an army of sponsors, caddies, fitness advisors, coaches and hangers-on, who further massage their egos and add to their growing sense of entitlement.In such an environment, women can become as disposable as golf balls.For example, almost all the thrice-married Nick Faldo's relationships have overlapped, and Greg Norman had a very brazen affair.Norman's now ex-wife Laura Andrassy accepted a reported £50 million divorce settlement after his affair with former Wimbledon champion Chris Evert - who also happened to be her best friend.He married her in 1986 and they had three children.But it ended in an estimated £7.5million divorce when Faldo, in 1995, took up with buxom blonde 20-year-old University of Arizona golf student Brenna Cepelak.First he claimed he was starving and suggested dinner before the interview.

S., European and Australian tours every year, and learned that - with the exception of drugs and alcohol - everything that happens on your average rock tour, including whores and groupies, occurs in golf.When asked if she thought Norman had been faithful during their 25-year marriage, she simply said: 'No comment'.Evert's former husband, erstwhile Olympic skier Andy Mills - also best friends with Norman - said: 'I'd have taken a bullet for the guy.A teetotaller, I had a few sips to be polite, then said it was late and I needed to catch a train home.Smiling at my naivete, he said calmly: 'The last train's gone.' The implication was there was no choice but for me to sleep with him. Later, on similar occasions, I would remind players they were married.On another occasion, I was unpacking my tape recorder prior to interviewing a married player in a hotel room when he disappeared into the bathroom.I was alarmed when I heard taps running, and yet more shocked when he grabbed me from behind wearing nothing but a towel.Afterwards, I called my editor and refused to write up the interview, or even speak to the player ever again.In Faldo and Woods's case, they were adored only-children, groomed for greatness by parents.In turn, Brenna was furious when Faldo traded her in three years later for beautiful Swiss PR consultant Valerie Bercher.In a scene similar to the one when Woods's wife reportedly attacked him with his clubs, Brenna took a nineiron to his precious £200,000 Porsche, causing £10,000 worth of damage.


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