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Who is william holden dating

“The ranch is Bill’s memorial,” says Powers, 39, who has come back to Africa to fulfill Holden’s dream of establishing a wildlife foundation in the land he had almost come to regard as his home.

“For the last 15 years, Africa was the most important thing in Bill’s life,” says Don Hunt, 50, a game catcher who was Holden’s close friend and one of the ranch’s co-owners.

“Bill did a great deal for the people here that nobody knows about,” says Powers. She spends her days game watching, baby-sitting a tiny vervet monkey, and reminiscing with Hunt and his assistant, Iris Breidenbend, during the nightly cocktail hour timed to coincide with the 6 p.m. “I have things to sort out,” she explains of her four-week retreat, and some must be worked out in solitude.

Jackie, in a spiteful response to Kennedy's philandering, had a fling of her own with Holden then a Hollywood golden boy.

Gore Vidal, the author and former Kennedy intimate, says Jackie had "a brief affair" with Holden in 1955, according to the book. "She had certain needs, and I am afraid Jack was capable of giving only so much." In 1953, Kennedy, then a senator from Masschusetts, was seeing Hepburn while secretly dating Jackie, according to Andersen.

Sundown was so peaceful, yet it went by so quickly.

We’d be sitting around a campfire, trying to will it to last longer.


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