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Windows 2016 dns not updating from dhcp

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The password is correct on our 1 DHCP server -- I have verified it will not accept password if it's incorrect so we are good there but I'm still getting these errors.

You have added DHCP servers in DNSUpdate Proxy group but you have not added account used for dynamic update in dns proxy group which is required Also you need to ensure that this account is configured on all DHCP servers and correct password is entered, as DHCP can't verify that and eventually problem starts like registration update refused because of wrong credentials and event viewer did not highlight this fact Then restart DHCP service on all servers Then run ipconfig/release & ipconfig/renew to test / check if clients could renew IP address and update A and PTR records in DNS server.

Also ensure that you will setup DNS scavenging so that stale PTR / Host (A) records will automatically go away during scavenging cycle Thanks for replies.

Without a way for DHCP to interact with DNS, the information maintained by DNS for a DHCP client may be incorrect.

For example, a client may acquire its IP address from a DHCP server, but the DNS records would not reflect the IP address acquired nor provide a mapping from the new IP address to the computer name (FQDN).


  1. Last edited 29th January 2016 at AM. 29th January 2016. DHCP not updating DNS server for non windows machine . Some clients not updating DNS records;

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