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Wmp album art not updating

You should find this in your computer and delete it.

In vista i suppose it woud be somewhere around C:\Users\USER_NAME_HERE\...

Hey everyone, I just spent like 5 hours trying to do this, and it's driving me insane.

Apparently, WMP 11 embeds album art in such a screwed-up way that no other application I've tried (dbpoweramp converter, mp3tags, MM script "Album art tagger", etc.) would remove it. It simply shows that there's no embedded images BUT displays album art in bottom-left corner during playback and in "now playing" view.

I have the auto update album art and media information unchecked in those settings too so not sure where zune got those images to begin with.

Just updating in case someone else runs into the same issue in the future.

As I got towards perfection I chose to shut down all automatic internet updates as these, I found, actually screwed up and put a lot of erroneous art and/or other information into the library. when you look in the directory of a album that you know is incorrect ... THEN if you do the simple, albeit time consuming and frustrating task of Find Album Information - Edit - (don't make any changes) - Save. the art changes to what you had previously stored now displaying in WMP and magically changed within the file directory.

A couple lessons first and then the ISSUE:1 - Yes ... As previously stated, I had shut off all Internet updates so the "final" cleanup of my library involved a lot of semi-manual creation of the right directories (using the WMP edit function while inside the find album info dialogue box) and corrections/edits and even some made up "unknown album" in the case where I couldn't discern what disc the song came from. a completely different file (often one used recently to update some other album) showing up in multiple places associated with multiple songs and artists! What this is telling me is that there are some strange links/references to some strange place ???? Black Magic perhaps but all I know is that it is frustrating as hell. I have run Album Art Tagger to remove album art not matching my storage. I close MM and reopen it and lo and behold it's back.

For example, ripping your own CD may produce a different result from 'acquiring' the same album from - shall we say, a download sharing site.

If you want to delete it, go to windows explorer, then Tools - Show hidden files and folders AND uncheck hide protected operating system files. I have run Album Art Tagger to remove album art not matching my storage. I close MM and reopen it and lo and behold it's back.

You should now be able to find all the album art files that WMP has saved to your HD in the same folders that your music is in. I have searched (checked show hidden files and folders) my hard drives for and albumart and can't locate anything yet these images keep showing up.

I want my images stored in the tag without Any suggestions for me? I just searched my hard drives for just art and found a folder with Zune Art images in it.

I have a zune player and the zune software must be the culprit.


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