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Wmp album art not updating

In my case this was my fix: (your case my be different)1. If you do use it make sure all the setting are set to how you want them, and hope everything works for you.2. Track down and delete any hidden files (you may not have any)6. (If there is no album art or the correct album art, this should be an easy fix)8.

Be advised that I have gotten through to a Microsoft WMP "expert" and he took over my desktop while I took him through the steps to watch the insanity. my ticket is still open and I need to get back to him as he didn't give me the promised followup call. I have a music media library with ~100K sngs all sorted by artist/album within a single location on a local drive (did this for performance as I used to have a network drive and this - i think - caused additional issues.There was no shitty album in WMP when I played the file.Then it occurred to me that it may be a localized problem, perhaps to just the default folder I download to before files get sorted to their correct folder.I cleared every cache I could find and did all the due diligence involved with any hidden files or out of the way/roundabout directories.I came across a rouge .mp3 sound test file I made that had no album art associated with it on my OS partition.As I got towards perfection I chose to shut down all automatic internet updates as these, I found, actually screwed up and put a lot of erroneous art and/or other information into the library. when you look in the directory of a album that you know is incorrect ... THEN if you do the simple, albeit time consuming and frustrating task of Find Album Information - Edit - (don't make any changes) - Save. the art changes to what you had previously stored now displaying in WMP and magically changed within the file directory.A couple lessons first and then the ISSUE:1 - Yes ... As previously stated, I had shut off all Internet updates so the "final" cleanup of my library involved a lot of semi-manual creation of the right directories (using the WMP edit function while inside the find album info dialogue box) and corrections/edits and even some made up "unknown album" in the case where I couldn't discern what disc the song came from. a completely different file (often one used recently to update some other album) showing up in multiple places associated with multiple songs and artists! What this is telling me is that there are some strange links/references to some strange place ???? Black Magic perhaps but all I know is that it is frustrating as hell. I have run Album Art Tagger to remove album art not matching my storage. I close MM and reopen it and lo and behold it's back.I put the 9 stray audio files that were in my download folder in a freshly made folder and opened them in WMP and no more album art.I always have my folders set up to show hidden and there is nothing of suspect anywhere on my computer.My library consists of 70% downloaded material (my bad and 30% ripped from my CD library.After many years of labour and love I have created what can only be described as a very comprehensive library with "virtually" all the correct meta-data stored.


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