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The only way to do so is through the service console.On the contrary, you have the liberty to resolve the issues in many ways in ESXi.The service console acts as a management interface to monitor hypervisor and manages the hardware.ESXi (Electric Sky X integrated) on the other hand does not support any such service console.Built as a thin-architecture, the ESXI can be easily embedded in servers and there is no need to get it installed on the storage device.

Because I hate it to start my Windows VM to manage ESX(i) servers ;o) v EMan is (maybe) not needed if you use v Center 5.x: --= v5 has a "web client" BUT keep in mind that there are caveats: Not all features are available in the web client AND it can connect to v Centers only (see: - ESX(i) v3.x or 4.x? VMware,v Sphere, ESX/ESXi,v Center are trademarks by VMware Inc. v EMan is an Open Source project from a private person without any warranty or claim to bother VMware Inc. ------- v EMan is not published or pronounced by VMware Inc.If you open the hypervisor console in VMware ESXi, you can easily find health status under the configuration heading.The health status feature in ESXI is significant in the sense that you can easily monitor the live status of complete hardware components like processors, memory, RAID controllers, Power supply, etc.The hardware monitoring helps administrators to look for any suspicious behavior of the component and take preventive measure promptly. The new software updates or patches are dependent on the earlier applied patches in ESX hypervisor.Since ESX console works same like Linux OS, you have to reboot VMware ESX repeatedly to apply the new patch successfully.We cannot declare that one architecture is better than other but yes, there are some technical differences between them and according to your needs of IT infrastructure either of them can suit you.Let us explore ourselves how the latest ESXi differs from ESX as we read along.In ESXi, you can enjoy the management capabilities of VSphere easily by installing VSphere client whereas VSphere access is limited and only experimental level in VMware ESX.The methods to diagnose and troubleshoot the problems are limited in VMware ESX.


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